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Tell employer/OH about a health condition?

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Marina11 Tue 23-Dec-14 23:32:53

I have a very painful foot. Got three fairly serious things wrong with it which causes me to walk slowly and painfully for much of the time and, sometimes, to feel rather sluggish and tired. The condition has worsened over the past few weeks. Getting help - but it could be months and months before things ease.

Immediate colleagues know - no big deal and my job doesn't necessarily require me to be doing very much other than sitting at a desk and seeing people across a table. A few times a week I have to be more active.

I am wondering about whether I should let my line manager know or, at least, Occupational Health. There's nothing the latter could do for me but maybe I should have something on the record in case I need to leave early or take a couple of days off?

Part of me wants to soldier on - I have up to now but today, in town, I was in so much pain that these thoughts came to me. Thanks for any suggestions/thoughts!

SensAbility Wed 24-Dec-14 19:33:58

Hi Marina, sorry to hear about your foot condition. Be sure to get a correct diagnosis and advice re treatment and pain management etc.
I have disabilities, as does my daughter and I have a little insight into employment law.
An employer has to make reasonable adjustments to meet the needs of a disabled employee. I am not suggesting that you are disabled but if you have any condition that may impair your professional capability it is advisable to inform your employer and my advice would be to get a medical back up letter for this from your GP or Hospital consultant.
Your employer may conduct a risk assessment and may seek info from your GP or Hospital Consultant.
Do you have an employees handbook to consult with the Companies Policies in? Because although there are general employment laws, policies can differ in different organisations.
Employment Law is quite complicated etc but if you are backed up with medical evidence from the start and advise your employer of this, then reasonable adjustments could be made for you, should you need lighter duties or time off for treatment etc.
Hope this helps and good luck.
I've just had a foot operation this last week owing to long term arthritis problems so I empathise with you x

baffledmum Wed 24-Dec-14 23:34:14

Is this foot pain impacting on your ability to do your job? I'm not terribly clear why you want to tell them. Is there something you want them to do? You might need to take a couple of days off? Why do you think that may need to happen? It may get better instead?

I'd keep going with the positive thinking - I'd only advise if it was looking as though I definitely would be needing time off.

Hope your foot gets better soon.

Millerpup Thu 25-Dec-14 19:22:09

You must tell your employer, make an appointment with the occupational health and discuss it with them. They will keep confidential information that you don't want disclosed but you will be seen as a good employee by informing them and trying to work with them before hand. If for example you did have to have time off and your company were concerned regarding the amount of sickness you were taking off they would ask you in to see OH anyway. It would be much better if you work with your employer and keep them informed of everything before it happens. It would also give you piece of mind going through a difficult period and one less worry. Good luck !

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