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Advice needed please

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Fluff23 Wed 17-Dec-14 23:26:23

Hi there
After some much needed advice. I returned from maternity leave in may this year, I applied for flexible hours - 24 hrs this was accepted I was made up with this. So returned to work new manager and agency staff covering me kept on. I found it difficult my whole way of working had been changed by the agency member thus making me feel not up to speed. The manager and the agency person have a very good relationship including chats behind closed doors regularly. Recently the agency has begun a large project with the manager and I am left with the crap, which includes a work load for a full time job I feel I am drowning and unable to tackle this as I feel my life would be made hell and awkward, I am considering leaving after working in this company for nearly 7 years, I don't like confrontation and would prefer to go quietly if it just means me being happy advice needed please

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