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views on my work

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SuperFlyHigh Wed 17-Dec-14 12:21:46

sorry if this is long.

I work as legal secretary/PA been there about 5 years now. as it was my first legal role I took a pay cut (should be on £5K more at least). After a year I asked for a pay rise but was told no, because they couldn't afford it (they can).

I've had bonuses of £200 every year since I've been there (apart from I think first year not there long enough), last year I didn't get a bonus but I also got a written warning that year (bullying went wrong I lost my temper) so I figured that was the reason for no bonus.

The bookkeeper who I'm good friends with tells me there's no money - the other PA I have no idea if she got a cash bonus (its always cash) she hasn't had a payrise in 8 years now either. She is however on a good salary and a 4 day working week.

I do my job to a good standard, hardly any time off sick, I do have to have regular appointments for blood tests/medical condition but try to make these to a minimum.

I've had 3 interviews in the past 2 months - 2 weren't suitable and 1 they had an internal candidate lined up.

Next year I have much more leave so can job hunt seriously.

My mum and friends think I should ask for a pay rise even though I know the answer will be no.

I finish paying off a loan in June 2015 so can in effect afford to leave then and just temp/contract work.

Any views? I feel totally taken for granted and even though I guessed there'd be no bonus I'd thought maybe this year would be better.


TheGirlFromIpanema Wed 17-Dec-14 12:27:25

hardly any time off, plus even a few appointments in work hours is enough to lose a bonus in many places these days.

Also, how do you know they have enough money when the bookkeeper says thay don't?

Just playing devils advocate here btw. If you are unhappy with your pay/postion you should look for a job which suits your requirements better.

nottheOP Wed 17-Dec-14 12:28:59

You have to put your case forward for why you deserve a salary increase. I assume you're wanting a real increase rather than an inflationary percentage increase - which additional responsibilities have you taken on to justify the increase?

If they were looking to replace you, could they find someone with a similar enough level of responsibility and ability at your salary? Or would they need to pay more.

You have to word it correctly. When you have an appraisal it is a good time to ask if there is anything you can do to maximise your earning potential at the company.

I have been through this process but moved a couple of times early on in my career to get the big leaps. Essentially, the companies I worked for previously were happy to let me go and take on inexperienced, cheaper people rather than get an experienced member of staff.

I moved to my present place who try to give a reasonably good rise every year if they are performing well as a company - it was 3% this year. This is fine because I am being paid appropriately for my experience and abilities. If I wanted more money, I'd have to do more (qualifications etc)

SuperFlyHigh Wed 17-Dec-14 12:32:12

TheGirl - actually I always make up time taken off and have worked overtime or come in late as and when needed. I make up my hours!

I know that they must be making a profit as we put our prices up over a year ago.

SuperFlyHigh Wed 17-Dec-14 12:35:10


So far I have created extra work, I do work at the same level as my colleague who's been there 20 years and i do tasks she doesn't do.

They would have to pay a replacement £5K at least to take on my job.

My boss has said (been told to me) that when I joined he was really pleased as he was "paying me a pittance". I realise I should have priced myself higher back then.

I just need to move, basically.

SuperFlyHigh Wed 17-Dec-14 13:16:24

Update: it seems it may not be personal and maybe my boss is struggling with funds.

whatever the case I'm just going to job search next year as per usual as I am not happy and the more this happens the more it upsets me. I had a lovely lunch hour shopping for a tree topper for the tree with a lovely SA and I need more positive vibes to job hunt!

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