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chemistc Tue 16-Dec-14 20:58:58

Hi, this may seem like a strange first post but just needed somewhere to vent. I have had the most awful experience with a recruitment agent, whose behaviour in my opinion borders on harassment. I managed to secure a job offer but the role was 2 hrs away from where I live. During the interview process I had said I was willing to relocate as my husband was out of work and we were both looking for work. However, during my final interview he had decided to take a job 20 mins away from where we live. So when my agent called to say I had the job offer I said I would have to discuss with my husband. He was angry about this and demanded I give him an answer the next day. He sent me this email which I thought was pretty bad.

Hi C,

Can I give you a call today to discuss the offer, as HR were expecting an answer today…What I am not happy to do Claire is wait to see if you are offered another position and wait a few days next week, it does not look good to the client and they may withdraw the offer. Please get in contact with me today and discuss what the chances are of you accepting this role and renting initially.

I explained to him what had happened but I really wanted the job and so I asked if I could have more time to decide. He then emailed me telling me to contact the HR manager at the company at home over the weekend. My husband had another job offer near this job so I was really hoping my husband would change his mind and go for the job near this job offer. Anyway after discussion my husband said he didnt want to relocate, so I called the HR manager and apologised and said that my circumstances had changed and that I was really disappointed as I was very grateful for the offer. The HR manager was fine and said he was disappointed as they really liked me.

The Monday the agent rang my mobile 9 times in an hour and half and left two voicemails. I work in a lab and am not allowed to use my phone in the lab. The second was in my opinion absolutely disgusting. He basically said that the way I had behaved was pathetic and that I had lied to him and the company throughout the interview process and that himself and the company were extremely angry with me for wasting their time and money!!

Sorry for the big post but I am just so upset. It has taken me almost 2 years to get myself off the AD's and back to work now to face redundancy less than 2 years later and then to experience this. I can feel myself going backwards.

CheddarGorgeous Tue 16-Dec-14 21:03:06

Just try to ignore. He's an arsehole chasing his commission and you have done nothing wrong!

Namechangeyetagaintohide Tue 16-Dec-14 21:04:52

I'd complain to his company personally.

chemistc Tue 16-Dec-14 21:07:04

Thank you for your responses, just wanted to make sure that I was not being over sensitive. Surely a job offer is just that an offer as in you still have the right to say no to the job?

TinyWishes Thu 18-Dec-14 13:09:41

I would ring his manager, How dare he speak to you like that. Pretentious little arseole!!

Wasting the companies time and money? They are RECRUITMENT agency. What do they expect. It takes a fantastic recruiter to keep the job seeker's attention and trust.

Recruiters make my blood boil as you can probably make out.

Don't let this one little prick ruin all your good work coming of AD's. A job that suits you will come up! Fuck him! xx

rallytog1 Thu 18-Dec-14 14:38:57

Recruitment agents can be a nightmare. It's entirely reasonable that someone's personal circumstances might change during a recruitment process of several weeks.

Not all agents are like that. You should complain to the agency about his behaviour as it is bordering on harassment.

Johnogroats Thu 18-Dec-14 21:28:49

Complain. I used to be in house counsel for a recruiter. We took this sort of thing seriously. Also look up REC. they are sort of the regulator.

chemistc Fri 19-Dec-14 21:23:04

Thank you all for your responses. I am glad I was not being over-sensitive

SkyHighWhy Sat 20-Dec-14 00:27:34

People pull out, even at the 11th hour, all the time. That's life. The company may have had a second good candidate. The agent missing out on commission is so not your problem.

Chin up! You had a great interview and were offered the job: you will be offered another job soon.

wakeywakeyteaandcakey Sat 20-Dec-14 00:40:29

Not an agency based in Kent I hope? Sounds very sim to one I used last year who threw his toys out when I declined the job he out me forward for. I'd have complained, but sadly he was the owner.

buffythemuffinslayer Sat 20-Dec-14 21:07:37

Ring the MD of the agency (not his manager unless it is the MD) or email if you feel more comfortable, to complain. The MD will care far more.

I worked agency side and am now in-house. Had a candidate pull out after accepting the offer, as his current boss has thrown money at him. I was understanding, calm and left the door open for future conversations. The guy you have been dealing with is harassing you, bullying you, and gives us all a bad name. To be honest, every agency recruiter I have met has either been genuinely gab and candidate-orientated, they will throw themselves on their swords to be honest and moral, or... twats. Never seen a middle ground?!

Hoppinggreen Sun 21-Dec-14 09:12:52

Heading for month end and needing the figures in to hit target and get bonus in time for Christmas I'm guessing.
No excuse for behaving like am arsehole though.

chemistc Sun 21-Dec-14 13:27:56

He was the regional manager, wished I recorded the message on vocaroo now! He was so rude. I called the HR guy at the company to apologise and explain why I couldn't take the job. Puts me off looking for a new job altogether now.

maggiethemagpie Sun 21-Dec-14 17:36:34

He's just a little arsehole who'd counted the commission when he knew they wanted to offer you. I work in HR and it's absolutely commonplace for people to pull out before the end of the process, you can never assume someone will accept an offer, most people do but there is absolutely no obligation.

I'd be finding out who his superior is and sending a strongly worded letter, or reporting him to REC.

I'd imagine it is frustrating for recruitment agents when an offer is not accepted but that's part of their job, they need to learn to either take it or find another job.

chemistc Mon 22-Dec-14 17:47:31

Thanks Maggiethemagpie, I will report him to REC it was really distressing the way he treated me.

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