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Disability accessibility

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I wondered if anyone had any experience of this issue? I am a wheelchair user, it's a powered chair, I don't have the strength to self-propel a manual chair.
Someone at work has decided that I am a 'health and safety risk' as apparently I might crash into something or someone. (I never have, just to clarify).
There is to be a health and safety meeting on Thursday to decide if I am to be 'allowed' to bring my wheelchair into the office.
Surely this is some sort of bad joke, yes? Surely no one who will be at the health and safety meeting will seriously think that they can stop me from coming into the office in my wheelchair?

ArtyBat Tue 16-Dec-14 13:26:41

Hi Op - I don't think that one person alone has the authority to decide you are a risk. In fact your place of work has to work with you to a reasonable degree, to overcome any issues that may cause it difficult for you to be in your office, EG - simply moving the position of a desk may make it easier for you to move around the office.

Read these links below as there's a fair bit of useful info.

How long have you been at work whilst using your chair?
What made this person decide to suddenly make this H&S statement?

...Just make sure you have plenty of questions and answers for them - they may find that they've been quite out of order in raising this. › Guidance › Topics

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