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Babyroobs Mon 15-Dec-14 14:46:44

Is there anyone in the know about NHS pay that may be able to advise me?
I work as a band 5 staff Nurse for an organisation which is not strictly NHS but roughly follows the NHS for pay and conditions. I was sent an Email around June saying that as I would be due an incremental rise I would not get the 1% payrise that others not getting an incremrantal rise would get. So all my colleauges getting the 1% got it around July time, backdated to April. I am still waiting for any kind of pay rise despite asking my line manager at least 3 times to do my pay review. To get an incremental rise we have to meet targets/ show evidence of furthur study etc ( not sure if that is the same for NHS). I have been told that pay reviews will fall on the anniversary of when I began employment ( in my case Octoberr) and that it will be backdated, but is it correct that I should still receive no pay rise for the months between April- Oct. Should I keep pestering my line manager or write her a letter or go to her boss? I hate to look pushy but it isn't fair that I have had nothing surely, if I've still not got the incremental rise two months after my review date, surely I should have got the 1% ? I have worked there 10 years and can count the sick days I've taken on one hand, always stand in for extra shifts at short notice when others are off sick etc. I know this has nothing to do with being awarded a pay rise but can't help but feel really upset and unappreciated! Any advice welcome, thanks in advance.

BumWad Mon 15-Dec-14 14:52:03

Please have a look at Agenda for Change pay scales. You should receive a yearly increment of you have fulfilled yor objectives. Are you 100% sure you will get your yearly increment if you don't actually work for the NHS? If you do get it it should be back dated

flowery Mon 15-Dec-14 15:04:17

I can't see how more knowledge about NHS pay will help you, just because your organisation "roughly" follows NHS pay and conditions. You need to check your own organisations terms and conditions and policies to find out your entitlements in terms of pay rises.

bananapickle84 Mon 15-Dec-14 15:10:55

The 1% pay rise was only for those already at the top of their pay band and is not pensionable and is only temporary for 3 years.
The only thing you can push is to have your review especially as your increment is dependent on it. Even then it will only get backdated to October or whenever your incremental date is.
Your increment will be more than 1% so you will be getting a bigger pay rise the your colleagues.

Babyroobs Mon 15-Dec-14 15:23:43

Aah I see, I thought the 1% was for anyone not getting an incremental rise, perhaps I misunderstood. We do not get yearly increments as the NHS do, I think the last incremental rise I got was well over 2 year ago. I think I will ring HR and see if they can help. Thanks for all the advise.

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