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Contract clarification, I don't have one.

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Scrumbled Wed 10-Dec-14 23:20:59

I work for a small company and agreed to work zero hours but no contract has appeared. I really am happy with zero hours and the ability to work flexibly if I want, or they want. I don't feel taken advantage of and the pay is good, after a decade break in the industry Ive returned to the, maybe lower end if c hadn't tried too hard, end of the pay I could have expected if I hadn't left. I'm also learning loads and having exposure to all sorts of new things. I've self funded a course to get me started on one area of accreditation.

It's a tough place to work at times and I've really had to hold my ground at times, to the degree I think I'll get a call any moment to say we don't need you anymore. I'm adopting a general technique of helpful friendly humour, with the odd icy cold pointed humour and yes i am annoyed,, when they over step the mark. It really is a case of hang on in and get at least 6 months on my CV. I keep thinking that they hate me but I'm getting more responsibility thrown my way and theres some possible exciting customers on the horizon... But I'm now getting former , pre sahm colleagues sniffing about and talking about contracts elsewhere.

Legally where do I stand with the contract issue and notice? They haven't directed me to any general terms and conditions. Notice was never discussed but I know that even full employees on over triple my day rate only get one weeks notice until 6 months..In my eyes :
1.Polite thing to do would be one weeks notice and work it until anything handed over.
2. Less polite, give weeks notice but work bare minimum to leave, as I wouldn't have to accept work being zero hours..
3. Even less politei if pushed too hard and someone said can you start tomorrow, see ya, bye, log off.
Am I correct?

Is the no show of a contract a valid, stand alone, reason for leaving to a future employer? Of course I would like leave on a good note with positive references.

flowery Thu 11-Dec-14 09:34:49

I'm intrigued about wanting to know whether a lack of contract is a "valid" reason to give a future employer for leaving. Would you not be able to give the actual reason, or a sanitised version of it?

A week's notice would be fine, and as you are on zero hours and therefore not obliged to accept any offers of work, of course you wouldn't actually have to do any work during that week, and could work for someone else.

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