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Employment Gurus - Please help an old woman, first "interview"; in 15 years....

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GoodKingQuintless Thu 04-Dec-14 20:19:33

I applied for a job. All my qualifications uploaded to the platform.
It is for a digital marketing manager for large cloud platform - the Norwegian office.

I have a BA, an MA (totally unrelated), I am 2/3 through an MBA. I have various digital marketing professional courses. I started my career within online advertising back in 97. Been in the IT industry since, various capacities. Co owner of an IT company. Done all sorts of roles within digital marketing, strategy and social media.

WTF do I say at the interview about why I want that role?

It is quite junior.

But to be honest, I just want to work in a field I know, back home. It is the only job advertised in two years that relates to something I know.

It is a digital interview platform. Not encountered that before.

CalicoBlue Fri 05-Dec-14 19:22:14

If the role is a bit junior for you, you will need to convince them that you do want and are right for the job.

Do lots of research on the organisation, then flatter them tell them that they are such a great, inspiring, forward thinking..... organisation that you don't really see it as a junior role as they have so much to offer.

GoodKingQuintless Fri 05-Dec-14 19:35:09

It wont really be that junior though.

They need somebody to not just set out their digital marketing strategy, but design and implement an "agency side" digital marketing strategy for their clients.

The office is a start up, an overseas arm of something bigger, they are almost starting from scratch, so it will be building it up rather than continuing in somebody elses footsteps.

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