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Temp position, hourly pay not what was advertised!

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MissingTheTwinning Thu 04-Dec-14 18:35:01

I'm looking for some advice..

I'm a full-time mature uni student. My uni recently sent out an advert for a temporary data entry position, stating a certain hourly pay for around 24 hours of work.

However, after I had already done 10 hours of work, I was told by the intern supervising me that HR had said there had been a mistake, and that the hourly pay is actually less.

Are they allowed to do this - advertise a rate and then say, "oh, we made a mistake, it's actually less, but that's okay with you, right?" I was sort of put on the spot by the poor girl (I don't think it's her fault at all), and I didn't know what to say, tbh. I think I said something along the lines of "oh.. well I guess it's better than nothing.."

I feel like an idiot now, but I'm not sure there's really much I can do? I didn't want to say, actually, no that's not okay, as I was there working at the time - would I have had to get up and walk out?! I've worked at places before where the employees were really taken advantage of, me included, and hate the feeling that I'm not being treated fairly.

I don't know if it's worth causing a fuss over or not.. I was hoping that if this went well, I might get another temporary position with them if one comes up again. But they might avoid me in future if I cause an issue over this pay thing.


EldonAve Thu 04-Dec-14 19:41:25

what does your contract say?

FishWithABicycle Thu 04-Dec-14 19:55:20

At the university I work at you would not be allowed to start work without registering on a form which states the hourly rate very clearly. The same form is also part of the process for establishing whether you have the right to take paid employment in the UK as some students don't, or have restricted rights. Did you just walk in and start work with no admin? No forms? Did you show anyone your birth certificate or passport?

Your first decision needs to be whether you would still have accepted the work at the lower pay. If you wouldn't, then don't continue, and insist on being paid at the advertised rate for the work already done. Even if they can't register you with the salary they advertised they can still pay you according to what they promised e.g. by paying for 12 hours not 10.

If you would have accepted the job anyway with the correct info, and would happily continue at the lower rate and accept further work at that rate, then I think you'd better shrug off this situation as simple human error and don't pursue the additional money you thought you'd get.

Don't do any more work till this is sorted.

MissingTheTwinning Thu 04-Dec-14 21:11:19

Thank you for the responses, it's appreciated.

EldonAve, I haven't been given a contract, it's all been very informal to be honest. And very quick, as they want to get the work done before we're off for Christmas I think.

Fish, I did have to fill out a form, although there was no rate of pay mentioned on it! And had my passport photocopied.
Yes, I think I'd still have accepted the work at the lower rate, as the work itself is pretty easy and right up my street (Excel addict!), and as it's at the campus my lectures are at, it fits very nicely into my day, doesn't add any extra travel etc.

I think you're right - I need to shrug this off and hopefully more work will come in the future. I will however be on the alert for anything similar re pay rates in future though..

Luckily it's not a massive amount that I will be missing out on, but it has made me stop and think - what would I do if faced with this in the future, with a much larger amount at stake.

iamthenewgirl Thu 04-Dec-14 21:24:28

Always good to get stuff in writing and check it before you start. If it's only a week or so it might be better to suck it up for the sake of getting some money in your pocket.

I speak from experience...

EldonAve Fri 05-Dec-14 14:52:37

If you still have the copy of the advert you have nothing to lose by querying it anyway
No fuss, just query it with HR in writing

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