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What happens to my pay if I'm dismissed/sacked whilst signed off sick?

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Norrsken Tue 02-Dec-14 10:55:23

I've been in my job for less than 6 months, and things are becoming unbearable. I work overtime and without breaks, but i can't keep up with my workload and I'm being harassed by my manager. I have spoken to management about my workload but nothing is being done and I believe I'm being managed out of my job. Tbh I just want out and am looking for other jobs.

I've had chest pains and heart palpitations for the last few weeks due to stress, and I might get signed off work. If this happens, I think my company will dismiss/sack me. What would happen with my pay in that case? Would I, for example, get SSP for two weeks (if signed off for two weeks) and normal pay for another two?

flowery Tue 02-Dec-14 11:46:21

At this early stage there is no need for a company to "manage out" employees - they can simply dismiss you.

Has your doctor actually diagnosed that your symptoms are stress-related, or are you assuming they are? If the doctor feels they are serious enough for you to be signed off work, it's strange he/she hasn't signed you off already.

In terms of pay, if you are only entitled to statutory notice, ie in your case a week, then it must be paid at full pay whether you are off sick or not.

If you are entitled to more than statutory notice (which you imply with a mention of 4 weeks), then you'll get whatever pay you would otherwise get during that time. So if you are signed off for two weeks and under your contract only get SSP, you'd get SSP for that time. If you then return to work for the final two weeks you would of course then get paid for that time.

Norrsken Tue 02-Dec-14 12:25:04

flowery I have been signed off by my GP, I had my appointment just after I posted my first post. I have a month's notice period. Thank you for the info, very useful!

flowery Tue 02-Dec-14 14:26:00

Ok, well if you are on a month's notice you'll get whatever sick pay you are entitled to if signed off sick, and the rest at normal pay if you obviously go back to work.

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