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how to work out annual leave for a very part time worker???

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alltheworld Fri 28-Nov-14 11:26:11

I have a nanny who works 13 hours a week termtime.

I think that makes 507 hours over the year.

I have used the calculator which says she is entitled to 61 hours holiday but how can I work out how many paid days to give her (she works about 4 hours a day three days a week) -

Does it mean I roughly pay her her usual amount for four weeks a year that she doesn't work.

(She is termtime only, so I would need her to have her time off in school hols)

Any thoughts gratefully received.

JennyWren Fri 28-Nov-14 11:55:12

61 hours is worth 4.7 weeks' pay if each week equates to 13 hours.

I don't know whether you need to give her that as a lump sum, or whether you can write into her contract that she receives "weekly salary plus 1/39th of paid annual leave salary" for each week that she actually works. (39 weeks of term time per year.) That would spread the cost for you and would mean that she receives the pay as it is accrued - so if she resigned part way through the year you don't have to worry about how much extra she has accrued during that time.

Hopefully someone with more contract knowledge will be able to help there.

alltheworld Sun 30-Nov-14 20:40:49

Thanks.. that is a good idea about paying as I go along! Thank you.

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