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Job role is not what I signed up for

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gossipgirl81 Sun 23-Nov-14 22:20:52

I recently started a new job in marketing, however two months into the role, I am now being redeployed to other areas of the business completely non related to marketing for most of the time, to suit 'business needs', giving me very limited amount of time within marketing.
I have been told this is temporary, however I am quite annoyed about it and almost feel I have been duped. Am I being unreasonable? Should I leave?
Thanks for any advice or opinions in advance.

holeinmyheart Mon 24-Nov-14 01:55:11

Before you take steps to leave ask yourself. Can I do this job that is unrelated to my qualifications/ or originally what signed up for ? If you are doing a good job then it can go on your CV as another string to your bow.
If you have been told it is temporary I think it would be in order to ask when it will come to an end.
Give yourself a time scale say six months and then approach the management and say whatever you need to say.
It doesn't look too good on a CV to leave a job after a short time.
Is it easy to get a job in your specialism?
I would try and stop feeling angry as it damages only you. Get planning your move if it is unbearable. Otherwise stick it out and try and do a good job and hope that it is only temporary.

gossipgirl81 Wed 26-Nov-14 21:47:25

Hi, many thanks for the very sensible advice, I have already started applying for other jobs as to be honest, I can't help feeling annoyed and deceived about the role. I just hope that other employers will understand my valid reasons for leaving so soon and will not be put off, unfortunately it has been a very wrong job move but of course, hindsight is a wonderful thing!

TheAlias Wed 26-Nov-14 21:53:12

I have been in similar positions several times over the last 25 years, where I've been arbitrarily moved to roles that weren't my "real" job. I objected strongly at the time but with the benefit of hindsight, as hole says, they have been brilliant for my CV.

Why don't you want to do the role as is, is it just because you feel duped or is it something you can't/won't enjoy? I don't think it's unusual for managers to change roles to best fill business needs or use an individual's skills. That's not the same as being duped.

gossipgirl81 Wed 26-Nov-14 23:34:28

I don't enjoy working in the other depts and they don't have any relevance to marketing and won't be of any help to me in a marketing career. I just feel taken advantage of and used and because of this, I'm angry as I turned down an interview for another job as I had accepted this one, so I just feel like kicking myself!! It's just all a big mess and I feel like no other employer is going to touch me with a barge pole once they realise I've only been in the role 2 months and want to leave.
Evrything pointed to this being a good job and a good move and it has just turned out to be a sham! sad(((

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