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Overlapping old and new job?

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Rooflights Tue 18-Nov-14 14:07:41

Any employment experts around? smile

I currently work (p/t) in a support role in a school but will be starting a new job a couple of weeks before the end of term. I will have accrued enough overtime hours to cover my working hours till the end of term, so understand I will be paid as up until the end of term even though I won't go in to school for the final two weeks.

Is there any issue with my starting the new job while I am still officially employed in my old job? The old job is only 1.5 days a week, and the new job is 2 days a week, so theoretically, I could do both alongside one another.

I'm not sure where to look for advice!

RubberBulletKisses Tue 18-Nov-14 14:24:36

I know nothing about employment law etc, but might it not cause complications with regards tax and NI?

confusedandemployed Thu 20-Nov-14 13:29:45

I've overlapped jobs twice now and there have been no issues at all. I did pay Basic Rate tax until I received my P45 from my old job, which resulted in a very small tax rebate the following month, but it was fine. As long as both sets of employers are happy, just do it.

confusedandemployed Thu 20-Nov-14 13:30:16

Sorry - that should have said "I did pay Basic Rate tax on the new job's wages"

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