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Lower pay but no offer of redundancy

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Wilf83 Mon 17-Nov-14 13:14:06

Can they do this? My work are currently evaluating all staffs pay as there are some areas in which they have been paying far too much. They are going to compare our pay with the market value or something like that. If its decided that we are being paid too much our pay will be frozen (no yearly raise) until 2017 after which if our pay is still too much it will then drop. They are not offering redundancy- it's a case of like it or find a new job. But my job description is staying the same.

flowery Mon 17-Nov-14 14:59:54

It doesn't sound like your post is redundant though. Neither is your pay being lowered. It sounds like nothing at all is changing at the moment, but in 2-3 years they might consider options to reduce salaries. I'm sure in a couple of years, depending on what the market situation/business situation is at the time, if they feel they need to reduce salaries, they will consult properly.

Wilf83 Mon 17-Nov-14 15:42:57

What is happening is this month we'll be informed what our role is now worth. So say Im currently on 30,000 and but they now feel I should be on 25,000 they'll freeze my pay until 2017 (normally it would go up £500 every year) and then they'll cut my pay to 25,000. Sorry I should have explained myself better the first time.

flowery Mon 17-Nov-14 15:52:48

You did, that was clear. Nothing is happening to your role or salary now. They are doing a market assessment but do not intend to act on it, other than freezing your pay if necessary.

In a few years, they'll review things and may then start a process to reduce pay if necessary.

What is leading you to believe your role might be redundant?

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