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Nurse band 6 interview

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spekulatius Thu 13-Nov-14 13:13:14

On a stroke unit. Any ideas? Ward sister has suggested to read up on Staffordshire, Francis report, 6 Cs, trust's vision. Speak to consultants, matron, head of nursing, follow her when she has the bleep, do stroke clinic. ..... My problem is how to bring things like Francis report snd 6 Cs into it cos they are not just going to ask what the 6 Cs are.

GeorgeHerbert Fri 14-Nov-14 20:07:32

They might ask you to give examples of how the 6 Cs relate to your practice do think of some examples of each. e.g hoe to demonstrate compassion.

Band 6 will have management responsibilities so you might get a general 'what can we learn from Francis' or something where you need to refer to it e.g how can you promote a culture of openness? '. Look up the key recommendations and think how you can bring them into any management type question.

HTH and good luck!

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