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sallyst123 Wed 12-Nov-14 06:19:23

I've been really lucky in my job. I went from part time to full a few months back & even though I worked longer on a mon & fri I got to drop the kids to school every day & pick them up at least 3 a week. I also had regular days off so we were in a good routine. But I've just looked at my rota from now until new year & everything is different. My hours & days are everywhere. No more picking up my kids & I hate it. I feel like im not seeing my babies. & I have no time to do anything other than work. I was thinking of trying it out for the next 3 weeks as my nursery has to have at least that much booking in advance time.& then saying something. I feel crap for doing it because work have been good to me but even though not picking them up is really just 4 extra hours a week it feels like I'm not home early enough to cook them a decent meal, not doing their homework with them, my house as turned into a bombsite cause I'm catching up with the kids & cooking dinner It seems so late to be hoovering & cleaning washing etc. I just don't know what to do. I feel like weeping.
I really need a lottery win so I didn't have to work & choices like this didn't have to be made.

Drquin Wed 12-Nov-14 06:26:52

In practical terms, is this what you signed up for? Is this what you're contracted for? Are you supposed to do shifts / different hours (am assuming so when you mention a rota) and you've just got lucky the last few weeks?
Or is this an unagreed change to your working hours?

If this is what your shift pattern is supposed to look like, and you've had a lucky few weeks, then you presumably were expecting it.
But, if it is a change to your contracted working hours or times, then that's a different story.

sallyst123 Wed 12-Nov-14 06:42:30

When I moved & agreed to take a new role I said the kids came 1st. It's not been a few weeks it's been months, there has been a change in terms of business opening hours so I knew that my hours were going to need to be tweeked. & they have uped by only 4 hours.... that's why I thought 3 weeks gives me a chance to find a routine & settle into it. I'm probably just finding it hard cause it's new & the work these past 2 weeks have been harder & I feel like the list I have to do is getting longer (Xmas work home) & I just really really miss my kids. It's like when we get in its such a whirlwind of dinner on, spellings homework bath & bed there's no quality time. It's crazy. It's 2 hours a day I'm later picking them up by. But it seems to have affected loads.

Drquin Wed 12-Nov-14 08:12:49

Ok, months not weeks, my mistake.
My point is - how you approach this with your employer is going to be slightly different. They've either changed your terms & conditions without discussing and agreeing with you. Or, you took a job with a variable rota which worked well for the first while, but isn't working so great now. Or you started on lesser hours than you knew it should be? Knowing which of those is the case, will help your argument about whether they should or could change your hours (back) again.
That then shapes the future - is this a temporary blip? Is this a rota which means a different shift-pattern? Is this what you signed up for? Because if its a blip, you can see it getting changed back. If it's different shifts each week, that allows you to sort childcare accordingly. If this is how it's supposed to be, then at least you know, and you either are happy with those arrangements or not.

FWIW, I think every job is difficult in the early stages, until you find your feet, know people and how things are done, and until you settle into a routine. Question is, whether you think this routine is the one you want.

As an aside, you may want to make sure you & employer have the same idea of "my kids come first". I'm sure most working parents would say the same - but equally your employer contracts you for a certain role at a certain time. Which goes back to my point - you both need to be agreed on what your hours are, and when / how they can change. If you want more time at home with your kids, that's absolutely fine; if you want to be home 2 hours earlier, fine - but is that flexi-time, is it back to part-time hours, is it working from home etc etc.

And go easy on yourself ..... Easier said than done I know, but a lot of our stresses in life we are guilty of creating, so can just as easy get rid off :-)

mummybunny1 Wed 19-Nov-14 14:53:42

im 25 weeks pregnant and have been considering being signed off by my gp as i work as a waitress which involves lifting, stretching and long hours on my feet. my maternity leave begins on 13th december when im 29 weeks pregnant and i have had problems with the pregnancy in the past. if i am signed off, will it affect how much i am paid on my maternity leave?

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