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Treated differently since I told my boss I'm pregnant

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lou732 Tue 11-Nov-14 00:05:40

So I told my boss I was pregnant last week. Until then he had no issues with my performance, and had chosen to permanently relocate me to a store I was only meant to be covering in. I am a store manager, and since then he has asked another manager (who has a poor reputation) to "help" in my store one day a week.
He has also told me it is unlikely I can go back into my current store as the store manager even though I only want to take 26 weeks maternity leave.
Today I saw my job advertised on job sites as a permanent role. Does anyone know if he can do this? I haven't contacted HR because my boss is new and I'm pretty sure he has no idea what to do with someone who is pregnant. Anyway I don't know whether to make a complaint or not?

JeanSeberg Tue 11-Nov-14 08:36:56

Get copies of everything that's happened (emails, job advert etc) and make an appointment to see the HR department. Depending on how that goes, be prepared to get external legal advice. It looks like he's trying to get of you in an illegal way so you need to take action.

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