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When should I "sign off" JSA"?

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emsiewill Mon 27-Oct-14 14:48:47

I can't find an answer to this when generally Googling, and asking the Job Centre is a last resort, so wondered if anyone here would know the answer to the following questions:

I am currently claiming Job Seekers' Allowance (JSA). I have been offered a job, but it doesn't start until 1 December. When should I notify the Job Centre that I have been offered this job? If I tell them now, will that end my claim (& therefore my money) now, or will they continue to pay me until 30 November?

As I have a job offer, will I still be required to go and sign on and give them details of what I'm doing to search for a job - which seems a bit futile as I won't be looking.

I fear I could be in a catch 22 situation of not looking for work, as I have a job offer, and therefore not being eligible for JSA, but not being paid by the new job until I actually start (obviously) and therefore having a gap in monies coming in - no JSA as I'm not seeking a job, and no pay as I'm not working.

Anyone know how this works?

maccie Mon 27-Oct-14 15:30:28

Yes. Keep quiet. Keep filling in your record of applications and phone calls chasing etc.

If you tell them of the offer it opens a can of worms that is just not necessary. They will think your not looking properly if you have an offer waiting for you. And it could actually fall through(sorryhmm).

About 23rd Nov go in and tell them. You could also benefit from a "run on" of benefits for 4 weeks after you start work JSA/HB/CT if you meet certain conditions( can't remember exactly but I think if you were unemployed longer than 26 weeks) so this could help you budget until you start getting paid.

Also don't forget to call tax credits as soon as you tell JSA as it can take a few weeks for them to sort out a claim.

Try to get in a little extra food supplies or top up on your gas/elec if there is a possibility you could have a spell without money coming in at all.

And well done to you for getting a new job. smile

emsiewill Mon 27-Oct-14 15:50:37

Thank you. I have been claiming for 3 months (well, will have been by 1 Dec). Am only entitled to 6 months, as it is contribution based, not income based, so get no other benefits, tax credits etc (DH in full time work).

The money isn't the main thing, to be honest, I really signed on to get the NI stamp (although have since been told it isn't necessary as they have changed things and you only need to pay your stamp for 10 years now - or soon anyway - which I have more than done), and to be able to claim on my mortgage payment insurance - which won't kick in til 8 Dec, as there is a 3 month waiting period, so is pretty much irrelevant.

I would be glad to be rid of the hassle of having to go and sign on, particularly this week, as it clashes with something that I would like to do (but wouldn't be seen as a reasonable thing to change the appointment for). However, I am aware that although I have the offer, and all is progressing as it should, nothing is certain and until I'm sitting at a desk on 1 Dec, I shouldn't bank on it.

Looserella Mon 27-Oct-14 16:08:35

I've been in this situation with contributions based allowance. I told them about my job offer and they said to keep coming in til everything was sorted and sort of pretend to look for temporary work

emsiewill Mon 27-Oct-14 16:14:47

Thanks, so I guess if I still want the money, I have to accept that I need to "pretend" to be still looking for something between now & 1 Dec. All a bit silly, but I guess the clue is in the name - Job Seekers Allowance.

maggiethemagpie Tue 28-Oct-14 22:22:01

I've been in this situation before, and it actually made things easier as I only had to pretend to look for a temporary job, rather than actually look for a permanent job. They will know that you have a permanent job starting soon, so will put much less pressure on you, you just need to 'play the game'. yes in theory you must be available to do temporary work for another month but everyone knows that the chances of an employer taking you on for such a short space of time is limited. So just do the bare minimum to look as though you are still looking, relax and enjoy the break!

emsiewill Mon 03-Nov-14 11:11:31

Thanks, I have decided that's what I'll do - although last week I signed on and told them I was still waiting to hear about the job starting on 1 Dec. Next time I go in (13 Nov) I will let them know the good news about the job. And then there will only be 2 weeks left til I start.

emsiewill Thu 06-Nov-14 12:40:26

Well, this whole question has become irrelevant, as I have now been asked to start on 10 November (ie next Mon)! So have informed Job Centre, and will be paid final payment on Monday.


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