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Problem with references

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chipsmum Mon 13-Oct-14 13:14:21

I have only ever worked for 2 companies in my entire career - the first one for 32 years and the latest one for 2 years. My problem is that a few months ago I was going through a marriage breakdown and was suffering from severe depression. I very stupidly drank alcohol at work and was suspended for misconduct. I subsequently resigned before my disciplinary hearing as I felt that I didn't really have any defense for what I did.
My mental health is now so much better, I am off medication and following some counselling, I feel that I am ready to get my life back on track. My husband and I have also reconciled.
However finding a new job is really important as we need a dual income to manage the bills. I cannot however expect my last employer to give me a suitable reference and although I have some interviews & job offers pending, I feel hopeless about my future. I know it's my own fault but having gone through some really rough times, I just need someone to give me a chance.

Hoppinggreen Wed 15-Oct-14 13:03:34

Many years should I resigned before being sacked for gross misconduct.
My reference simply said that I worked between these dates and then resigned, nothing else. Apparently that's standard these days for many organisations so you might be ok

HermioneWeasley Wed 15-Oct-14 18:09:37

I would ask what a standard reference covers - Hopping is right, very few employers offer anything but the blandest information these days

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