Can anyone help me write a letter of application

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CHUNKYMUNKEY Sat 23-Sep-06 20:11:41

Hi, I want to apply for a job as a lunchtime supervisor at a local school to fit in with my dd who is at school. I would really like this job. The school want a letter of application and i don't know what to write or how to word it. I have been volunteering in my dd's class once a week so want to put that in. If anyone can help me i will be very greatful. Thanks.

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edie123 Sat 23-Sep-06 20:19:26

Something like...

I would be very grateful to be considered for the post of lunchtime supervisor at {school}.

I would enjoy this job because {reasons} and feel that I would be a good candidate because I am reliable and hardworking.

I currently work in the classroom as a volunteer once a week and feel that this has enabled me to grow in confidence and skills.

I feel that I can bring enthusiasm, confidence and a good attitude to this post, I look forward to your reply.

edie123 Sat 23-Sep-06 20:20:29

Obviously you need to beef it out a bit but something like that would do. Good luck xx

southeastastra Sat 23-Sep-06 20:20:32

yes put that!

CHUNKYMUNKEY Sat 23-Sep-06 20:56:49

Thanks for the replies. In what way can i beef it out. Sorry to be dim.

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edie123 Sat 23-Sep-06 21:12:48

Well if you just put in why you would like the job where I have put {reasons} then that would be good. Im sure you will get it if you already do work at the school.

CHUNKYMUNKEY Sat 23-Sep-06 21:17:01

Right. Got you now Edie. I don't work at any school at the moment, just trying to get a foot in the door and the hours are perfect for me. I will use what you have typed. Thanks again.

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ellceeell Sat 23-Sep-06 21:26:00

Hi, I used to interview for lunchtime supervisors when I was a school governor. Don't start by saying that it will fit in with your dd - they want to know what is good about you from the school's point of view. Is there a job description / person specification? If so, use their wording back at them. eg They want people who believe in equal opportunities for all children - you state that you believe all children deserve to be treated equally and show you know that means gender, race, religion, children with special needs etc
It's great that you've been volunteering in the school - mention that and what you know about yourself from it - "this has shown me that I can encourage children to respect each other, that I can make sure the children are doing what they are supposed to do, that I can spot a problem looming with a particular child and head it off etc"
We always liked it when applicants with children at the school mentioned that they understood the need for confidentiality - it's amazing how much lunchtime supervisors learn about the children which shouldn't be chatted about with other mums.
Hope I haven't gone on too long and that this helps. Good luck

CHUNKYMUNKEY Sat 23-Sep-06 21:36:55

Thanks ellceeell. That is very helpful, i wouldn't dream about saying the job fits in with my dd, i don't think it looks good to say that and not very professional. I know what i want to say, just not very good at putting it in writing. The advice about confidentiality is excellant too.

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Hp1007 Wed 08-Nov-17 10:06:25

I need a help.i want to write any eassay of about 1300 words that I’m suitable to take up the job as a mid day supervisor.the school wants a letter n I don’t know how to frame or write a proper essay.i don’t have any experience in this field but I’m interested to take up this job .if anyone could help me then that would be very great full n helpful.waiting for your reply .thanks

MickeyLuv Wed 08-Nov-17 16:33:18

You want to write an essay or are they asking you to? It seems very unusual to have to write an essay when applying for a job. A letter covering one or two sides of A4 would seems more appropriate to me.

There is plenty of advise in the posts above, you just need to fill it out a bit and write about your experience etc

shamim142 Tue 16-Apr-19 22:22:35

Hi. Has anyone been for a midday superviser role interview for early start nursery 0-5 years old. I have an interview and dont know what to expect..
So nervous... Any suggestions?

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