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Job Sharing - Anyone asked for this

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karenb876 Tue 26-Aug-14 14:19:53

Hi there
I just want to know if anyone has asked for this whilst working full time.
I currently work full time and an ex employee who left after her maternity leave has offered to job share with me.
Im desperately trying to find work closer to home at the moment or job share with my current employer.
I would like know if anyone has done this, how easy they found it and how they did it.
We are a small company of 6 and although I like the job my kids are suffering now (given it almost 2yrs). I basically drop them at school at 745 - 1800 and they are 10yr and 6yr. They want me to spend more time with them and so do I as I feel they need me.
Any advice would be great.

maggiethemagpie Fri 29-Aug-14 11:48:35

I asked for this recently, I was on a part time maternity cover and the role went full time. The person I was covering could not do full time hours, so we asked to job share. It got refused, so I took the full time position. I can see now that it would never have worked, would have got too complicated passing work back and forth all the time. I think it does work for a few jobs but they are in the minority. What is your job?

SMH77 Sun 14-Sep-14 16:38:11

Hi, I have spent a year researching Jobsharing and have done it myself in the past. Jobsharing can in fact work for every role, but the take up in the UK is extremely low (only 1%). The key to success is finding the right partner and learning how to set it up and run it correctly. Role design, continuity and handover are essential but once it's set up and running effectively you get to progress your career and have more time with your family, even if you might have to have a 10 min catch up on your non working days in the evening when the kids are in bed.

The problem I found when trying to find a Jobshare partner is there isn't anywhere focussed on supporting people into Jobsharing. It's the only flexible working option that requires you to meet a partner and prepare to set it up. That's why I've set up it's a Jobshare Network for people who want to do just that. If you'd like any more information or help please let me know.

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