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DP about to lose his job

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ohbladee Fri 22-Aug-14 17:34:00

Going to try and keep this short as poss.

DP's employer is trying to manage him out (new senior person in, wants to get rid of the old team and bring their own in etc etc)

They've changed his role, removed what he says was about 40% of his responsibilities (they say less). They've said his work isn't up to scratch and put him on an improvement programme which he will fail (too open to interpretation, not all measurable - attitude, influence etc)

So, he's going to lose his job. I'm after any advice really. What's the best way for him to negotiate a decent leaving package in advance of him getting fired? We don't want this to affect future jobs. He's on a tiny 4 week notice period. He's trying to get a new job but it's not looking good. He's deeply unhappy and our stress levels are sky high. My job is awful too but that's another thread.

He's been there less than two years which means he can not argue unfair dismissal or get redundancy or anything. His union have said as much although I suspect they aren't that useful anyway.

Any and all advice much appreciated.

Frontier Fri 22-Aug-14 17:57:58

TBH, I don't think he has much to negotiate with, as you say there's no reason for them to pay him anything other than the notice he's due.

If he really thinks the situation is irretrievable and he hates the job anyway then he needs to give finding a new job now all his energies.

If they really want shot of him, they might be prepared to pay the notice, if he resigns, and give him garden leave, so that he can make finding a new job his full time job iyswim

Presumably, if he's on some sort of action plan, there's an end date?

Having being though a situation a couple of years ago, where DH and I both lost our jobs out of the blue in the space of 7 days, I sympathise completely with how stressful it is, but I can also tell you that it's amazing how often things turn out for the best.

flowery Fri 22-Aug-14 18:14:52

The only real way to negotiate a leaving "package" is if there's something in it for them, usually a legal vulnerability they want to remove, or the prospect of the employee leaving sooner than the employer would be able to dismiss them, or being able to avoid a stressful lengthy procedure to do so.

It doesn't sound like either of those apply here tbh. They could just give him notice and be rid of him in 4 weeks if they wanted to, without a drawn out procedure, so there's no incentive for them to pay him anything above that.

His best bet is to focus all his energies on finding something else to maximise the chances of having something else in place before he gets fired.

ohbladee Fri 22-Aug-14 18:38:07

Thank you for the replies. I thought as much, just feeling a bit desperate.

fanjobiscuits Fri 22-Aug-14 19:28:02

Frontier is right about things turning out for the best. I don't know anyone (including me) who wasn't a lot happier a year or so after being made redundant

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