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help work making me want to cry

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natharley11 Mon 18-Aug-14 10:50:51

I am after some advice please soo stressed out.
Currently almost 18 weeks pregnant and work just told us every one on team needs do 8 am start. Which I can't do as got no one take my son to school and on a Sunday can't get there for 8 am
I just wanted some advice on way forward no id get ma as of 26 weeks. But if I left would I be entitled to anything till then im soo stressed can't cope esp with having hyperemisis on top

flowery Mon 18-Aug-14 11:45:04

What does your contract say about hours, and what hours do you currently work?

natharley11 Mon 18-Aug-14 12:25:55

Im currently on six hours reduced hrs due to hyperemisis . Not too sure as was on fixed term contract but be made permanent now . But we aint been given copies of new contract yet

flowery Mon 18-Aug-14 13:22:12

What does your existing contract say about changing hours, if you don't have a new one yet.

natharley11 Mon 18-Aug-14 17:18:41

Nothing as far as am aware been signed off for two weeks by doc shall dig it out and have a look

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