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How long does it normally take for an offer to be confirmed

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mammasmadhouse Wed 13-Aug-14 17:58:19

OK had an interview mid July,I was offered the job, offer letter had the wrong salary but HR have still not yet provided confirmation of salary. It is an internal job so I thought would be straightforward. My boss has already put my job up for advert as he is on leave now for a while, where do I stand, how can I rectify it as HR just not coming back to me

flowery Wed 13-Aug-14 20:07:24

Have you spoken to the line manager of your new post? That will be the correct person to do that as they can advise HR what the salary should be and get a replacement offer sent out.

EBearhug Wed 13-Aug-14 20:11:54

At this time of year, if it were with us, it'll probably take weeks, because so many people are out on leave. However, a month is more than long enough to chase it up.

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