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Going to work!! Help!!

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Debs75 Tue 12-Aug-14 15:55:48

That's it really. At nearing 40 I am finally about to enter the job market. I left college had a baby, had another then spent years caring for him (disabled) When I finally thought about going to work I had 2 more children. I have spent the last 3 years preparing to get into Uni to study Midwifery (unsuccessful 1st try) I really need to work but God it is so scary. I've applied for a few jobs but I'm not sure what I want to do or even what I can do.
Any hand holding, inspirational speeches are more than welcome

PeterParkerSays Tue 12-Aug-14 16:01:17

Are you applying again to study midwifery? Did you just not get in last time because of the demand for places? If I've read your OP correctly, you're looking for a job because you need a job, but have spent 3 years working towards studying midwifery.

I'd try again for that if I were you - go for a career over a job

Debs75 Thu 14-Aug-14 19:28:07

Yes not enough places so will definitely be applying again for midwifery. DD4 is now 4 so from next year I have to jobseek. I have put all my efforts into midwifery but someone needs to pay the bills. I would leave pretty much any job if I got into uni.
I have applied for 3 jobs already but they all ask work history and I don't have any! I feel unqualified for even shelf stacking in asda, didn't stop me applying though.

TrendStopper Thu 14-Aug-14 20:42:27

Apply for anything and everything that interests you. There is no harm in trying new things.

I was out of work for about 5 yrs bringing up my dd and it was scary going back into work. Years later I love working and haven't looked back.

Good luck with the job hunting. Fingers cross that you fulfil your midwifery ambition. smile

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