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Big 4 /City/Magic circle mat leave entitlements

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pollingfold Wed 23-Aug-06 12:50:14

Am trying to compare the "big private employers" mat leave entitlements- all those desparately trying to be in the top 10 employers lists etc in the Sunday Times. Trying to take something back to my boss to say look - there are other firms out there who just do it better!

So far have for enhanced pay (looking at first 6 months only)
PwC: 8wks 100%, 18wks SMP, but free childcare voucher totalling 20% of salary for 12 months on return
D: 6wks@ 100%, 20wks@ 33%, plus 6wks full pay on return
EY: 6wks 90%, 15wks 50%
KPMG: 18wks 100%, 8wks SMP

I am aware that
Unilever do :100% for a year if you return for a year.

Anywhere else offer such good packages?

TheBlonde Wed 23-Aug-06 13:08:25

I know they're not as big an employer but I left PA Consulting last year.

At the time they did
6 weeks 100%, 20 weeks SMP
Then if you return 25% extra salary for 12 mths

clerkKent Thu 24-Aug-06 13:30:15

Deutsche Bank does 18 weeks full pay, 8 weeks SMP. Holiday accrues during OML but not AML, and you get pay in lieu of unused holiday.

But the best thing is a 'bonus baby' - Higher Rate SMP is based on 9/10 of weekly earnings of previous 2 pay periods. If your annual bonus (say 20% of annual salary) is paid in this period, then your weekly earnings are enhanced e.g. £20,000 salary £4,000 bonus, weekly earnings could come out as over £900.

clairemow Thu 24-Aug-06 13:41:49

I work for a law firm in the City - enhanced mat pay if you've worked there over 2 years is 8 weeks 100%, 10 weeks 50% then SMP for 8 weeks. you can choose whether to have unused holiday at the start of mat leave or take unused holiday as a cash payment at the start. Return to work bonus after 6 months back of 2 weeks' salary.

I think some other firms do 100% for 6 months or a year, but then it seems to be v. difficult not to go back full time... as some make you pay some back...

ritherdon Fri 16-Oct-09 16:53:35

check out roll on friday - has info on law firms mat packages.

RibenaBerry Fri 16-Oct-09 16:57:10

Don't feel I can really say what my firm does in case it's unusual and I out myself! However, I do know that many law firms have a two year service requirement before enhanced pay. I don't know of any that do anything like 100% for six months. Most seem to be a sliding scale (i.e. 100% for a bit, then down to somewhere between 50 and 75% for the rest of the six months).

cleanandclothed Fri 16-Oct-09 17:03:25

From my friends - UBS does 6 months full pay
Freshfields - 3 months full pay then 6 months half pay. I am envy.

BlingLoving Fri 16-Oct-09 17:05:33

The bonus baby is a misnomer though - your bonus at the end of that year will be correspondingly lower. On plus side, sure you get the pay up front.

I thought most of the banks were finding ways to stop the bonus baby thing - paying SMP based on "reference pay" which does not include bonus.

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