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Way happens when pregnancy means you can't do your job?

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MakeTeaNotWar Sat 12-Apr-14 15:58:24

DH runs a small business. He employs 2 full time staff one of whom plans to TTC next year. The work by its nature is very physical - heavy lifting, on feet all day, using sharp tools - it wouldn't be suitable for a pregnant woman so DH couldn't amend her duties. What happens in this scenario?

flowery Sat 12-Apr-14 16:33:44

If no adjustments to duties or other adjustments to the working environment would make the job doable, he'd need to find her something else to do. If there is literally no other work she could do, he would need to sign her off on health and safety grounds on full pay.

There is loads about health and safety and pregnant employees on the HSE website.

MakeTeaNotWar Sat 12-Apr-14 16:39:17

Thanks flowery - it's a butchers shop so they cut and lift heavy carcasses, there wouldn't be any other duties. So he'd have to pay her and employ someone else - I don't think his business could sustain that

WhatsTheWordHummingbird Sat 12-Apr-14 16:42:21

accounts....cashing up......servig customers....logistics.....general admin (rotas payroll etc)

WhatsTheWordHummingbird Sat 12-Apr-14 16:43:08


flowery Sat 12-Apr-14 16:44:34

Could he not rearrange things so that she does everything else? All the smaller stuff, all the till work, anything that doesn't require heavy lifting?

I do feel for him, this is the kind of thing that very small businesses find incredibly difficult.

flowery Sat 12-Apr-14 16:45:15

X posts with hummingbird who has some excellent examples of what I mean!

MakeTeaNotWar Sat 12-Apr-14 16:46:52

Thanks for the tips - she isn't pregnant yet but it is on the cards so it's good to know what he'll need to start thinking about

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