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Keeping in touch days

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Poshers Wed 09-Apr-14 09:41:47


Advice please. Should I be enforcing my keeping in touch days (paid) ? My employer has not mentioned them at all. I would quite like to do the odd day as don't want to feel left out.


flowery Wed 09-Apr-14 09:43:18

What do you mean "enforcing" them? If you want to do some, by all means ask, but it's not something you're entitled to. If your employer doesn't want you to do them, you can't force them to let you.

Poshers Wed 09-Apr-14 09:58:58

Ok thank you. But if they ask me to then I should be paid is that correct? But they don't actually have to let me do them or indeed make me do them?

flowery Wed 09-Apr-14 10:04:56

Pay arrangements are by individual negotiation between employer and employee. If you do get paid, it won't affect your SMP, however your employer isn't specifically obliged to pay you.

Of course if they don't want to pay you, you'd probably not do them! In reality, most employers pay at normal rate, or at least top up SMP to normal rate for KIT days.

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