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Help me with a dilema please

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sunshine75 Wed 09-Apr-14 08:16:32

I would appreciate some advice on a work dilemma.

I'm a teacher at a school that really doesn't appreciate me. I get the best GCSE and A level results in the department every year, my lessons are consistently judged outstanding, I'm the only one who organises overseas trips and the students are always very positive in student voice. Anyway, I feel my face doesn't 'fit' as I have been passed up for promotion repeatedly (to younger and much less experienced people) and I never even get so much as a well done or thanks. I fear this is because I'm not obviously ambitious and would just like a little bit of extra responsibility whereas the school seems to like a particular breed of ruthlessly ambitious people.

However, I can do the job without too much stress, it's really close to home and I do have a work life balance - oh and I love teaching and the kids I teach.

So, the dilemma - do I apply to another school to be a head of dept? It's a much longer commute and would be much harder work. I'd spend less time with my dd, have less time to exercise, see less of friends and family but would probably be more fulfilled professionally? I don't want to go any higher than head of dept so would be doing all of this for an extra £6k.

Is it worth it? Would you?

AgentProvocateur Wed 09-Apr-14 08:33:25

Not unless I desperately needed an extra 6k. My leisure time is more important to me than professional recognition at this stage in my life (I'm 45).

KipT77 Wed 09-Apr-14 08:40:36

Probably not. Being happy at work is important but that list of compromises you'd be making looks a bit long for me.

Can you speak to your head about it? "I feel like I'm missing out on opportunities but can't see why, can you give me some feedback" type of convo.

sunshine75 Wed 09-Apr-14 09:46:11

Thanks...I'm only 35 but feel like I've totally missed the boat at my current school.

Can't imagine another 30 years there!

fascicle Wed 09-Apr-14 17:38:06

When you say you've been passed up for promotion repeatedly, does this mean you've applied for a number of posts internally, but not been successful? Or does it mean that you've expressed an interest in other posts/having greater responsibility and that others have failed to recognise your potential?

Would a promotion mean fewer teaching hours? Just wondering if doing your current job so well makes you a less desirable option for promotion.

The downsides of a more senior position elsewhere do appear to be significant. It sounds like it might be worth your while trying other routes at your current school, rather than compromising your work/life balance.

sunshine75 Thu 10-Apr-14 10:03:03

Yeah, 3 internal posts applied for and no promotion.

It just gets me down a bit when I know I'm very good at my job but they give promotions to people who talk the talk, appear ambitious and then do f**k all once in post.

Think I need to just put up and shut up for now and wait for something more appealing at another school - but one which isn't miles away.

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