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Holiday entitlement

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laulani2000 Tue 08-Apr-14 20:28:18

This is probably more or a moan than anything, dont think there is much i can do. i work 5 days a week part-time hours altho doing a specific role for a large retail company. They insist that we book all our holidays a year in advance, it used to be 18 months but for some reason that has gone away quietly and dont like single days so we are required to book only in whole week slots, they say that if we need to change then we can but in the passt few years when people have tried to do this it has been refused, resulting in people taking sick leave instead. I have a teenager daughter with ADHD/Mild Aspergers and dont like leaving her home alone too much. In the past i havntbeen able to have time off during school holidays because the ex boss always took them as he had children, tho he had family etc to call in, whereas my husband and i have no one. It costs me approx �100 a week to have my child looked after so it means that i earn nothing during school holidays etc. Add to that the current school rules regarding taking a child out of school during term time which i dontlike to do anyway as i feel it detrimental to my childs learning as she struggles. And also my company allocates your holidays if you dont book the whole years and that of course doesnt equate with the husband and what he can take so we end up with separate holidays. Considering the governments changes to the holiday entitlement etc, surely there should be some consideration for workers with school children especially those who have different disabilities. The last two inset days i couldnt get off so had to leave my child home alone, not 14 yet so if anything happened i could be introuble, but between my employers attitude and theres nothing i can do and the governments rules i am stuck really.

Picturesinthefirelight Tue 08-Apr-14 20:30:41

You don't work for Argos do you?

Sil has awful problems booking holidays.

yummumto3girls Wed 09-Apr-14 08:40:33

As you have a disabled child you would fall under the equality act "disability by association". It depends on how you want approach this but you could could request that part of the reasonable adjustments required under this legislation is that you need more flexibility with your leave. It does seem unfair that the boss gets to take the school holidays off, hardly a way to motivate your staff!

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