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Role being made redundant is not the job actually done, advise appreciated.

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MisForMumNotMaid Tue 08-Apr-14 19:47:25

DH is a teacher. One of his colleagues is on notice of consultation for redundancy. He's someone who has personally helped us out a few times and obviously no one likes to see those they care about distressed.

It doesn't quite seam right how its being handled and I think the school want shot of him rather than his role. Would anyone mind talking to me about it?

Lets say he was employed 20 years ago by an old head as a typing teacher. Obviously typing the old fashioned way was a dying trend so he's been very amenable over the years and has on the timetable taught many other subjects, generally lower sets, but has done this year in year out - not as a cover teacher but as the subject teacher for each academic year.

This wasn't his original teaching subject, that was typing, but he's being made redundant as a typing teacher - even though thats not been what he really does for many years.

There are plans afoot to employ new staff but possibly could they make it difficult for him to apply by stating different qualifications to what he has, even though he has a fault free record of teaching those subjects in that setting?

pluCaChange Thu 10-Apr-14 12:07:03

I hope he's in a union?

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