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Overtime for part timers??

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littleladybird14 Mon 07-Apr-14 13:51:43

I currently work 3 days a week although my boss has insinuated that during a busy period I'm needed more in the office. I don't want to commit to more days permanently as enjoy my work life balance with my son, although there is opportunities for me to work a couple of odd extra days a month around my husbands shifts. These could be Mondays or Tuesdays and potentially Saturdays although the business doesn't operate at weekend I could at least catch up with paperwork! I want to obviously show I'm willing to help out but would like to see that I'm paid fairly and incentivised in some way to help as well - it's a two way street right!

So my question is should overtime pay ( which in my work can vary from time and a half to double pay) be paid for the hours above my part time contractual hours, or are they normally paid for hours above a normal full time week??

Thanks for any of your suggestions!!

SomethingAboutNothing Mon 07-Apr-14 13:57:01

I have recently been offered a job that is 25 hours a week and was told that overtime up to 37 hours (full time) would be paid at standard rate and anything about that at time and a half, which, although annoying, I can understand make it fairer for full time workers.

snowgirl1 Mon 07-Apr-14 13:58:12

In companies I've worked for, overtime for part-timers has been paid at the normal hourly rate until they exceed full-time hours, at which point they start getting the same overtime rate as full-timers (if there is an 'overtime' rate).

Otherwise, the weeks you work full-time you'll be earning considerably more than your full-time colleagues doing the same role, which wouldn't really be fair would it?

Shesparkles Mon 07-Apr-14 13:58:19

I work part time and if I do extra hours, I get paid normal rate till I've done 36 in a week, then overtime rates kick in

OddBoots Mon 07-Apr-14 14:01:47

There is a difference between regular hours and OT in that your holiday allowance is usually based on your contracted hours, some employers don't (or don't think to) add on either the extra holiday or include holiday pay in the amount paid. That's worth around 12.07% so a significant amount.

Quckstart Mon 07-Apr-14 14:07:08

No, you get your basic pay for any hours up to what is considered f-t in your organisation (35/37/40?) Over-time is only paid over that.

That's a good point tough OddBoots.

littleredsquirrel Mon 07-Apr-14 14:09:10

Enhanced rates never kick in until you've done the same hours as a full time person otherwise you'd be paid more than a full time person for working the same hours as them.

littleladybird14 Mon 07-Apr-14 15:40:55

Great thanks, I had a feeling it would be but thought I'd check what is the norm for everyone. Def worth mentioning holidays though as potentially if it becomes regular I should be accruing holidays for the extra days I work so thanks for that x

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