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Anyone familiar with bullying at work and grievances, I have how resigned after 16 years and I was the manager,anyone any experiences please?

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Debbsy09 Mon 07-Apr-14 12:56:54

I have just resigned from a company I have worked for for 16 years due to being bullied victimised and hounded out of my job as the manager.

kazza446 Mon 07-Apr-14 14:18:04

Not sure how to private message you. Willing to talk privately if you want, can you pm me?

FrontForward Mon 07-Apr-14 14:22:38

Has your employer got clear policies and what steps have you taken so far?

What outcome are you hoping for?

Hoppinggreen Mon 07-Apr-14 17:15:55

Dd you take any action before resigning, such as grievances etc?
Have you kept a record of what happened?
It's not vital but would be helpful

Debbsy09 Mon 07-Apr-14 22:29:44

Hi front forward I'm just going through the greivance process now I documented everything hopping green so have sent all that info to HR too

FrontForward Mon 07-Apr-14 23:47:16

What are you hoping to achieve (sorry for repeating the question). Are you looking for a constructive dismissal case or hoping they will resolve the issue and offer you your job back?

Debbsy09 Tue 08-Apr-14 10:17:17

I want financial compensation after been forced out after 16 years, I don't want my job back I've got another one a much better one in all honesty and it's without bullying

flowery Tue 08-Apr-14 11:19:59

If you've got another job already it's extremely unlikely to be worth pursuing a legal claim.

Assuming the claim you are considering is constructive dismissal, compensation would be limited to financial loss only. Unless your job is much lower paid, you will not be able to demonstrate a financial loss by your dismissal, even if a tribunal were to agree you were constructively dismissed. Your best bet is therefore probably to walk away tbh, rather than invest time, energy and money in pursuing a claim.

HarrietVaneAgain Tue 08-Apr-14 11:28:53

The only way it would be worth claiming is if there was a discrimination element to the bullying, race, age or sex etc

TheVictorian Tue 08-Apr-14 11:44:08

What happened op?

Debbsy09 Tue 08-Apr-14 11:49:42

I'll pm you

flowery Tue 08-Apr-14 12:02:50

Even then Harriet I would urge the OP to take proper legal advice as to what kind of award is likely to be realistic if there is discrimination involved, as setting that against months of stress and legal expenses means for me anyway, it would have to be pretty high to be worth it.

Debbsy09 Tue 08-Apr-14 12:05:41

It's justice I want

flowery Tue 08-Apr-14 12:14:53

What does justice look like? As I said, if it's constructive dismissal you are thinking of claiming, if you have another job your employer won't be told to pay you any compensation anyway.

What are you looking for from this thread? How can we help you?

Debbsy09 Tue 08-Apr-14 12:19:22

I spoke to my solicitor last week and she told me I can claim for constructive dismissal because I have been forced to leave after 16 years and an untarnished record, my life has v
Been a living hell for the past few months and I want the people responsible to be be accountable for their actions. I just wanted others experiences of this situ flowery

CharityCase Tue 08-Apr-14 12:34:38

You can make a claim but in the uk there's no such thing as compensation for stress or anguish etc so you wouldn't get a payout because you haven't suffered a financial loss. Pursuing the case will cost you money. You may not be awarded costs. I understand how you feel but it may not be worth it.

flowery Tue 08-Apr-14 12:42:12

You may well have a decent claim for constructive dismissal, but if you have a new job you will not get any kind of compensation, which means pursuing a case for the sake of it will lose you money as CharityCase says.

Flibbertyjibbet Tue 08-Apr-14 12:43:36

If its constructive dismissal, don't you have to state that when you hand in your resignation? As I understand it you can't leave then later on claim for constructive dismissal.

(Prepares to be corrected by flowery tho).

Mind you, it sounds like you are handing in your notice after being offered another job. If everyone tried to sue for constructive dismissal everytime they left an unhappy job for another.......

Debbsy09 Tue 08-Apr-14 12:47:13

I got the job afterwards I put my cv out on after I resigned on the Monday and got offered a job the following week. I will see what happens now it's in the hands of the HR dept it was made to be unhappy by 3 individuals, all because they want my job!

Debbsy09 Tue 08-Apr-14 12:47:26

Well two of them anyway

FrontForward Tue 08-Apr-14 12:47:36

Debbsy I was trying to understand your position and now I do. I understand your wish to fight back but as others have said you may just hurt yourself. The solicitor will be glad to take your money whilst doing this.

The process will be prolonged and make you relive it all

What about an exit type interview with a senior person?

FrontForward Tue 08-Apr-14 12:48:31

Regardless of when you got a job, the impact on you has been reduced by getting it so they won't feel the need to compensate you

Debbsy09 Tue 08-Apr-14 12:49:02

Ff someone else has suggested that I have requested that in my formal letter thank you :-)

honestpointofview Wed 09-Apr-14 21:28:24

Hi Op

I was once defending an Employer and at the start of the tribunal the Judge asked the employee what they wanted. The response was justice. The Judge said I am not here to dispense justice but cash. Whilst not strictly true they are there to make a monetary award based upon losses. So as Flowery says unless you are earning a lot less you are not going to get much.

The only way you might get a reasonable amount is based upon what is called the Basic award. This is equivalent to a statutory redundancy calculation. So with 16 years service (assuming you worked all of that before age 41 if some was when you were 41 and over then the amount increases) and you earned more than £23,400 (£450 per week), if were to win you would get £6,400 basic award plus about £300 for loss of employment rights plus one weeks wages. Calculator here

Of course that all depends upon you winning and as Flowery has said it is a lot of stress. One other route open to you. You could consider Early conciliation service from ACAS which came into effect a few days ago. This is a service which is free and is carried out before you lodge a claim (from 6 May you have to do this before you lodge a claim.) Link here


1. Consider that you are unlikely to get real justice just money.
2. It will be costly (you will have to pay £250 for the claim to be issued and £950 hearing fee), stressful and time consuming
3. Take legal advice and think carefully before you do put a claim in.

LoveBeingCantThinkOfAName Sat 12-Apr-14 13:22:22

Op I'm sure all of this is not really what you wanted to hear, but please consider what has been said, no one here has any personal interest and has nothing to gain.

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