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How do you ringfence your role?

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tobybox Thu 03-Apr-14 14:26:06

Quite interested to hear from those who work in jobs with quite open-ended job descriptions, e.g. "and anything else deemed relevant to the post/success of the organisation" etc. as it does in mine - which seems an invite to dump all and sundry tasks onto my desk!

My job description is up for review shortly so wondering how best to approach possible delegation/re-allocation of tasks. There's also some projects I'm quite keen to take on board to compensate.

Any ideas? Even day-to-day, how do you say no to others?

JeanSeberg Fri 04-Apr-14 13:44:59

A good starting point would be to go through your job description and make sure that it includes absolutely everything that you do.

Then work out how much time you need to free up to take on the new projects and identify which tasks you could passo n.

Finally, identify who has additional time and skills to take on the jobs that can be delegated.

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