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Issues with boss

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Willthisworknow Wed 02-Apr-14 16:21:45

Hi my boss and I get on personally but she aint the best line manager in the world, but she has the ear of the head of dept. My appraisal rating was average and pay rise not good despite my workload and contribution to the dept and the fact I have the biggest team in our group. She said she felt I was operating at director level but has never put this in writing at the interim appraisal. We lost folk last year and the head of dept asked me to head up an even bigger group and that I'd report into her. But I refused as it would have sent me down a path that I didn't want to go down in terms of the 'type' of work I do and not the direction I wanted my career to go into so instead of reporting to head of dept, I report to my now boss. My head of dept said my current boss would be able to give me more time and mentoring in terms of the 'type' of work I want to get exposure to but instead I find she regularly cancels our one to ones, we haven't worked on anything together to further my chosen career direction so I've learned nothing from her, I asked her to explain why I got an average appraisal rating and to send the form onto me but she hasn't. She has been trying to get my line reports to do more than they are capable of. I told her I didn't want worker 'x' taking on project 'y' as she is already incredibly busy - yes she kept pushing and pushing until she got my line report to take on this project 'y' despite me telling her my line report is stressed. We are having this ongoing power struggle and I'm really hacked off with it. How can I tell her how I feel professionally. I simply don't feel she's batting for me. I';ve been ccing head of dept but she keeps burying her head in the sand and not commenting. I'm fighting a losing battle but starting to feel I need to say somethign as I am not getting what i want out of this job. Help.

EBearhug Wed 02-Apr-14 21:01:19

Can you call a meeting with your manager and the HoD - emails can be ignored, but it's difficult to ignore when people are sat there in person.

Are there guidelines available for how appraisals should be run? We have them, and I have been pointing this out to my manager, as I don't agree with how my last couple have been run.

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