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Do I have any right to parity in paid sick leave? Not well and worried about taking time off

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jasperc163 Tue 01-Apr-14 17:53:07

I think the answer is probably no, but i would really appreciate advice from anyone who knows about HR/employment law
I am part of a team of 6 who all do exactly the same job but who were hired between 10yrs and 1yr ago. When I joined my contract said 8weeks full sick pay per year. My colleagues are all on about 6 months but I didnt find this out til a year or so ago. The change was company wide and not to do with me specifically, it was just bad luck that i joined when i did. Since then, we have been tupe'd across to another company, and a colleague who started a year ago with this new company is on 13 weeks sick leave as this is standard policy. So I have been with the company 6years and someone with 1yr has 50% more sick leave,and the rest have considerably more. I realise that i don't have any rights from a tupe point of view but do i have any arguement based on the fact that i am the only one with this punitive sick pay policy?

I have been with the company 6yrs, and proabably taken one day off sick in that time, perform well and meet all my targets etc. However I have been ill with a chronic headache (constant) for 14 months and have somehow managed to continue working (need the money and don't want to lose the job as it is a one off). My company are aware of my situation. I have been seeing consultants but nothing is working so far. I am getting to the point where i am putting so much pressure on myself trying to work (4days a week) and look after 2 young chlildren and feeling that I am not performing at my best at work. Everyone keeps saying i need to take some time off but I am worried about only having 8 weeks at full pay (statutory to 6 months, and I think headaches like this class as a disability but obviously they only have to try to help where they can). I have mentioned the issue to my boss and he says it is at manager's discretion but i dont think this is true and also when push comes to shove i can't rely on that.

Sorry for the essay. I am just so stressed and dont know what to do to try to get better and not lose my job if at all possible.

thank you in advance

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