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Employer wants to get rid of me

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Poshsausage Mon 31-Mar-14 19:32:19

Hi wonder if I could ask for some advice please

A senior member if staff left my place of worn recently very suddenly but with his own good reasons . Before leaving he told me the owners are trying to get rid of me on grounds of non performance .
I am contracted to 20 hours over four days per week but due to a heavy work load I stay half an hour every day . There is so much to do and it is very busy . It was always supposed to be a full time position but the owners are very money orientated and have a terrible staff turnover . Hence my even heavier work load when they all leave and more recruited

I am half way through my pregnancy they are aware . I've had a week off sick due to having one twin terminated due to chromosomal and heart problems but I was a reliable and cheerful employee throughout I believe

I've not been disciplined over anything to do with any performance at all

They are now making indirect threats about how the new manager will deal with everything ie will probably sack me

I've asked them to address my hours on number pus occasions but am ignored . I've offered to do more hours and be flexible . Again ignored feel being set up to fail .

Not sure what to do . Not sure if they want to get rid of me before on date maternity leave . Or if they just want to bully me ?
Also they keep telling me who is being sacked next and I feel they are really playing mind games

Spacetravel Mon 31-Mar-14 19:44:04

They sound awful, and I'm so sorry for your loss. I think there is a difference between how they make you feel and what they can actually do. In your shoes, I would make sure I had all the legal information about my rights etc (call acas - they are lovely), so you know where you stand. Then keep a note of everything they say and do that is threatening or bullying. This has two benefits: 1) it will help you stay calm in the face of their emotional pressure and 2) it will mean you are well equipped if they do try anything dodgy. Do your job well. Bide your time. Be prepared to go to a tribunal of they start trying to manufacture your demise - but this is as much a negotiating tool as anything else, eg they might agree a pay off redundancy rather than firing you. Are you entitled to any maternity benefits or isn't just smp? I would also look for another job to start after your mat leave.

Poshsausage Mon 31-Mar-14 19:53:44

Thanks . That's what everyone says , get another job . But that is what they do to everyone so they don't have the responsibility of sacking people and making up reasons . It's a shame as I do like the job in many respects but they want their own way and will get it every time they love making life difficult for people .
I have been making notes thank you for that .
Cheeky sods honestly

Sorry for all typos hard to type on stoopid phone .

Poshsausage Tue 01-Apr-14 08:46:01

Is this constructive dismissal does anyone think ?

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