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Toilets at work

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lovemylittlefamily Wed 26-Mar-14 20:42:34

At my work place there are 3 ladies toilets, 1 is out of order at the moment has been for the past 6 months. The other 2 have broken locks one has for about 3 months and the other about 3 weeks.

Staff have reported the problems to the manager so maintenance can be phoned and all we are told is its not an urgent problem so other maintenance issues need to be dealt with first.

Surely this isn't right, how can we go about getting this issue resolved?

BrownSauceSandwich Wed 26-Mar-14 20:49:44

No, it's not right. Have a read of this:

If you're a member of a union, get your H&S rep to escalate the matter. Otherwise, I guess it's up to you to make your managers aware of the employer's responsibility to provide "welfare" facilities in the workplace.

lovemylittlefamily Wed 26-Mar-14 21:00:51

not not in a union, employer doesn't seem to care sad

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