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Notice at end of fixed term contract

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BetsyBoop Wed 26-Mar-14 12:26:45

I'm on a FTC that ends 31/3/14. As things stand my employer has not confirmed yet that it will be extended (the work and funding are still there, so I think it will be, but they are just disorganised! I've had two previous extensions, but they are always on the last minute sorting things out.)

I have a job interview tomorrow. If I get it they will prefer someone who could start straight away.

As things stand, am I right that I could just leave after 31/3 and not need to give any notice to my current employer?


Polkadotpatty Wed 26-Mar-14 12:37:55

Yes, you can leave when you have fulfilled your contract (so after 31/03).

However, given that your current employer has a track record of last-minute extensions and not being very organised, as well as you knowing that funding for an extension does exist, it sounds as though they might be expecting you to just be automatically available.

You are perfectly free to take the new job instead if you want to, but you may well need a reference from your current employer, so you might want to have a chat or send an email that gives them a bit of a warning that you're quite reasonably considering your options because you need to protect yourself. (You don't need to say you have an interview, or be specific, or commit to staying on to help them out of a hole.) It's totally up to you how much you communicate and what you choose to do!

BetsyBoop Wed 26-Mar-14 16:06:46

Thank you smile

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