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maternity leave madness!

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frankiebuns Wed 26-Mar-14 12:19:04

Ok I work for a large national supermarket and I'm confused, I have been off sick since 14 weeks pregnant with pregnancy related problems (pregnancy induced hypertension). I phoned personell yesterday after consultant appointment to tell them what's happening and personel told me as I am goin to be sick until due date (booked csection at 39 weeks) they are going to force me to take my holiday or move my maternity leave start date forward. I wanted to start my maternity leave 11 weeks before baby due but they want to bring it forward to may! I'm only taking 9 months off and was going to use my holiday in the march 2015 as I'm getting married, I went on the equality and human rights website and it looks like they can't do what she said they were going to do and if I was sick in last 4 weeks before due date then they can but I'm taking mat leave at 11 weeks before. Me and personell manager do not get on and collegues I spoke to have said she's scaring me into saying yes! Help ps soz for long rant!

Ellypoo Wed 26-Mar-14 13:21:09

Legally, your employer can start your maternity leave 4 weeks before your due date if you are off sick with a pregnancy related illness. It used to be 11 weeks before your due date, which could be where the HR manager has got that from. Therefore, I don't believe that they are able to do what your employer is proposing.
In terms of your annual leave, they could request that you take your leave before your maternity leave if your holiday period ends within your leave (eg if you are starting your maternity leave on 1st July, and your leave year runs Jan - Dec, then they could request that you take your leave for the current year before your maternity leave starts, and then you just accrue from Jan to take when you are back at work).

frankiebuns Wed 26-Mar-14 13:26:49

Thankyou! My holiday period runs with financial year, as baby is due 18/8/14 (c section) I'm taking 9months off so I'm due back in february and I'm going to take off 4 weeks hols for march as I'm getting married in march. I didn't think she could but she is a bully and hates my guts. I asked citizens advice and got told she couldn't wish me luck in the arguement! I'm writing her a letter with links to internet websites etc to tell her what I'm doing!

HungryHorace Wed 26-Mar-14 20:26:26

You can't start mat leave before 29 weeks' pregnant anyway, so that's a hollow threat.

Is there anyone else you can discuss this with?

frankiebuns Thu 27-Mar-14 10:15:04

I thought that was the case, but she's good at threats I jokingly said a year ago I was only ever going to stay for a 6 months been there 6 years and she took it as a threat and said she could make it happen! I rang head office in the end and they told me she couldn't do what she said she was going to do and the website was right. But I know if I say she's wrong she will start saying I twisted everything to look bad for her and making her out to be a vile female dog she really is! I rung her the day before and she was all sweetness and light

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