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Reference problems

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derektheladyhamster Wed 26-Mar-14 09:22:32

I started my new job 3 weeks ago, but there appears to be issues with my references. My previous job only give out factual references which isn't suitable apparently.

So they've asked for a reference from a previous employer or an educational establishment where I've studied.

The problem is, I left my previous employer in 1999 to go on maternity leave, and since have only worked part time for the company who only issue the factual references.

I finished my degree in 1995!

I have 1 personal reference from my old manager which is fine, but I'm unsure how to get around this, and more importantly, can they sack me for not having a suitable employment reference?

Polkadotpatty Wed 26-Mar-14 09:51:50

Have you by any chance done any volunteering more recently, as you could get a reference from them (i.e. helping out at school, local community group)?

Alternatively, you could ask your company whether they would accept a reference from someone who's known you over x years, perhaps from the same list of acceptable professions that is used for passport/visa applications etc.

My feeling, and it is only a feeling, is that they should have specified in your job offer whether your start date and offer were "subject to receipt of satisfactory references", and if they weren't happy, they should have delayed your start date. It's a bit late to be picky now, particularly since it sounds as though your previous employer did supply a reference without any issues in it, albeit a purely factual one.

derektheladyhamster Wed 26-Mar-14 10:00:15

I have done some voluntary work at school - but again this is 5 years ago, and neither of my children are there anymore.

Company have got back to me and have said that I can try my previous company trainer, even though she's been a sahm for the last 10 years! So I need to try and contact her.

I suspect that the job offer was dependent on references, but they were so desperate for me to start, that I only gave 2 weeks notice (1 week was required) and they only had a personal reference from my old manager when I handed my notice in.

There will be no issues on my employment history.

insancerre Wed 26-Mar-14 10:09:25

is there anyone at your old work that would give you a personal reference?
or try the school. they are good at keeping records and somebody might remember you

flowery Wed 26-Mar-14 13:49:12

As long as they give the required notice they can certainly terminate your employment if they want to. However I would think that extremely unlikely.

You have one decent reference and one basic factual one, and unless there are other concerns with you and they have someone else lined up, both of which seem unlikely, I imagine them dismissing you is not something they are likely to do.

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