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Work life balance..inspiration needed

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JustAboutCoping2013 Sun 23-Mar-14 13:35:13

Hi, I'd like some hand holding, and advice from the who've been here and survived! I'm a single parent (DS1 15yrs and DS2 17yrs) and I turned to full time work 3 years ago. It was rather a baptism of fire starting at the bottom in a new career, but I've recently landed a new job, in a more senior role (yay!). Although I'm excited about the role, it's exactly what I wanted etc, I'm concerned about how I'm going to cope with this and the demands of teenagers, in particular their exams...A home life of homework, cooking (how much do those boys eat!!!), general advice (to do or not to do A levels, career choices etc, a very important time in their lives right now). In the past, work came a very poor second to constant phone calls from school about GCSE revision classes, concerns about poor results, requests for school meetings etc (DS2 works hard, but finds exams very stressful, he doesn't sleep, panics etc...otherwise, he's a helpful, chatty, respectful teen, like his brother too-they have their moments, but generally they're good boys).
Having written this, it seems like I'm asking the impossible...I should just lump it and get on with it, I'm just afraid of it all being as overwhelming as when I first started back to work, I never want to feel like that again!!
If you've been through this, I would appreciate any help, books to read etc. thank you

JeanSeberg Sun 23-Mar-14 15:56:50

Hi there, I have 3 teenage boys of similar ages so hopefully I can offer an opinion.

So are your two Y11 and Y13? Are they ok with getting themselves to and from school/college and what time are you home in an evening?

JustAboutCoping2013 Sun 23-Mar-14 17:47:56

Hi, thanks for your reply, the boys are in yr 10 and 12 (the GCSE revision was for the eldest last Summer, he's about to do his AS exams). Yes, both can get to and from school by themselves, I leave with my eldest as his is in the same direction as work (will be for the new job too). The youngest has a short walk, I work 1day from home to see him to/from school at least for that day. I'm usually home by 7pm....I make meals at weekends so it doesn't take long to get ready. Both boys can cook and have usually eaten something before I get home..but we still have dinner at some point together.

JeanSeberg Sun 23-Mar-14 17:59:03

Sounds like you're doing great, I have to scrape my 15 year old out of bed! Great that they cook as well.

What are your main concerns?

rookiemater Sun 23-Mar-14 19:26:50

I don't have teens yet, but it sounds like what you are doing at the minute will set them in good stead for adult life, being able to prep simple meals and do some housework are good things for teenagers to do and allows them a bit of automomy.

If you're already out until seven do you think your new job will require longer hours than this, or is it more a case of having the ability to focus on their needs as well as applying yourself to a new, bigger job. You sound like a fab mum btw.

JustAboutCoping2013 Sun 23-Mar-14 21:24:41

Oh, thank you! I guess what I'm most worried about is not supporting the boys whilst needing to give more to this more senior role. I was working very late hours with my first job, phoning for pizzas from my desk (the boys a into sports, keeping healthy.....they thought the pizzas great, but now prefer to have eggs or pasta). My Dad was very ill and died during this time, I felt completely overwhelmed and just don't want things to get like that again!! I've researched the company and things have come back positive. Will just have to try my best n hope!!

JeanSeberg Sun 23-Mar-14 21:32:15

What I do is leave work early then we can do tea/take to clubs/ help with homework then I bring my laptop home so I can work later on or in the morning before school run.

Fortunately I'm left to manage my own time.

Hopefully you could do similar?

JustAboutCoping2013 Sun 23-Mar-14 21:47:34

Yes, that does work, especially if I work from home and can get an early dinner sorted out.

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