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am i the office joke?

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superbagpuss Sat 22-Mar-14 12:24:33

I am quite insecure as a person and can be shy so cover it up by being overly jolly

we have just had a European training session in another country with a few different countries, most I have met already

I was there to aid the training a bit bit I felt I had been bought a long to increase morale and keep people entertained

I am meant to be a professional person, similar grade to most of my colleagues

also I feel I was being adversely judged for not doing shots in the evening but I don't like to drink heavily when out with colleagues

many elements of my job are changing and I am falling out of love with the company

am I being overly sensitive or should I be worried I'm not being taken seriously

Polkadotpatty Sat 22-Mar-14 12:58:00

Without knowing more, it sounds as though your cheerful nature is recognised and valued by the people you work with - it's possible that they deliberately included you in the group because they thought your attitude would be a positive influence on the others.

Socialising with colleagues, especially in a "no escape" location where you're all training together somewhere, is a tricky one. It's always better to be yourself, but sometimes you might decide to try and be diplomatic. I rarely drink alcohol, which can make for some long dull evenings at work socials grin but I try and avoid confrontations about it. I drink sparkling mineral water with lime, and let people think it's gin and tonic... People tend to only get touchy if they feel they're being judged - let them do the shots, you can join in the mocking the next morning, and feel proud that you remembered it only takes a drunken second to lose your professional dignity!

It sounds as though you might have outgrown either you current role, or the company? Maybe it's worth thinking about what would be a positive move for you next, when you feel it's the right time?

superbagpuss Sat 22-Mar-14 13:42:16

I have def outgrown my role but waiting to see what my options are as I like the company I work for

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