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Freelance work while on maternity leave

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Xmasbaby11 Thu 20-Mar-14 15:32:08

I'm on maternity leave for the year from my full time job, returning Jan 2015. I have been offered some freelance work by another company and I am not sure how this works legally or tax wise - has anyone been in this situation?

It wouldn't be a huge amount of work or money (probably £500 or so spread over several months) but I would enjoy using my brain and also the extra money would be useful. My other motivation is that in future it would be good to do freelance work (on top of current job) as I can work from home in the evenings. It is a company I've worked for before when I used to be self employed.

Obviously if it is not legal, or too complicated tax wise, then I would turn it down.

I get a combination of full pay, half pay and statutory pay during my year off.

Thanks in advance!

flowery Thu 20-Mar-14 17:18:44

If it would be self employed work then legally you are entitled to do that while on maternity leave without either affecting your SMP or bringing your maternity leave to an end. You do however need to check your contract and handbook with your employer to see if there are any restrictions on working for other people.

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