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Overcooked Wed 19-Mar-14 21:34:33

Hi all, I am a solicitor, 6.5 years qualified. I have had 2 nine month periods off for maternity, just returned thus time in November.

I am feeling very undervalued and frankly feel rubbish at my job. I work four days a week but essentially do full time in those four days, last week was more like a sixty hour week (I get paid for 30).

A colleague is ill, I am covering all but two of his thirty files. I asked my boss a question, he misunderstood my question and answered what he that I was asking rather than the actual question, he had a go. I sent him an email and we had words, no real resolution. My boss is a terrible communicator, I think he's on the spectrum but this is a side issue, we generally get on.

I find it very stressful, at the moment I have a mouth full of ulcers down to stress, this isn't unusual.

I am thinking of going in-house for 2-3 years while the kids are young and just for less stress, I am at a big firm now but in-house I reckon I could do full time over four days, it'd still be less hours than I do now.

Or maybe I'm just done with law, I don't know, I really don't...

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