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Feeling bleurghhh

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jerin Wed 19-Mar-14 11:01:43

Completely messed up my promotion interview yesterday. The first part wasn't too bad, I think I done alright. The 2-1 interviews, I could barely get coherent words out, misunderstood a few of the questions so answers were irrelevant and forgot all the situations I'd meant to incorporate. I'm so annoyed with myself but didn't expect to do well anyway. I felt at a disadvantage anyway as it was my 4th day at work, only a few hours off in between shifts when others had had days off beforehand. I was completely exhausted and actually struggled to drive home. I'd also had to wait 4 hours for my 2-1. This is the first time in 5 years that promotion has been opened up and will probably be as long again.
I just wanted to better myself, learn some new skills. I'm so stuck in a rut. (I wasn't this downbeat yesterday honestly!)
I'm pretty certain 10 of the 12 spaces already have names by them before they start the interviews but I'm just annoyed that I messed up by slim chance. Also everyone else was in for 40-60 minutes and I barely managed 30! I think they'd given up on me half way through!

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