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lilac25 Sun 16-Mar-14 11:54:25

I am looking for some advice. I did an early years PGCE a couple of years ago, but didn't really enjoy it as I found the constant pressure, workload and obsession with data too much. I currently work as a ta, and I am possibly looking at getting back to nursery management which I did before.
However, I am also interested in teaching post 16 childcare courses, but I am worried about this due to my PGCE experience. So I am wondering if anyone has any experience of teaching post 16? Is it all target driven and data obsessed? Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

Feenie Sun 16-Mar-14 12:08:40

DH teaches FE and I'm a primary school teacher - his job is every bit as target driven and data obsessed as mine, with a comparatively very poor salary to match.

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