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Pay rises for team

(5 Posts)
Willthisworknow Thu 13-Mar-14 21:15:32

I have 3 staff - all high performers. I have one on mat leave and despite trying to,fight to give her 2%, they've given her 1.5%. This member of staff had a good year in her appraisal, we met our v challenging gross margin target, in fact exceeded, yet my staff are being given disappointing pay rises. The bonuses are better, but it still doesn't sit comfortably. My other staff member got 4% but is being promoted so will also got an increment. The other didn't get a rise as she went up 10% in a benchmarking exercise. The fore mentioned staff member will get a 13.5% bonus but we smashed our targets and bonuses while great, don't stay with you in terms of overall monthly income. Heard NHS staff were getting 1% is shocking - but would u be happy with 1.5% with a "strong performer" rating?

winniethepoohpooh Thu 13-Mar-14 21:46:23

I'd just love any bloody payrise at the moment.

Currently contracting and earning less than I was in 2002 at the moment.

flowery Fri 14-Mar-14 08:24:34

It entirely depends on the context. In many private sector companies no pay rises at all are being given, strong performer or not. Whether 1.5% is acceptable will depend on what else is happening in the business.

EBearhug Fri 14-Mar-14 19:46:39

It does depend on context. If everyone in the company with similar ratings is getting similar rises, then that's unfortunately just tough - however individuals perform, departmental and company performance overall will also have a part to pay, and if the company's annual results weren't fantastic, it's going to affect everyone. Also where I work, the manager might recommend 2%, but there's a limited pot, and it has to go round everyone, so if everyone has done well, you can't all get 2%, because there just isn't the budget for it. In some ways, that's a rubbish system, because if you've got a good team, it tends to mean everyone performs better, not just one or two.

If people with similar ratings in other departments are getting higher percentage payrises, then I'd be seriously hacked off.

I don't know if that information will be available to you, but maybe you could have a chat with HR about how are these figures reached?

rookiemater Fri 14-Mar-14 22:09:14

I got 0.75% this year for a good performance - delighted as it's the first pay rise I have had for 3 years.
Seriously in this climate 1.5% payrise and a 13% bonus is good news - provided it's the same across the board.

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