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Advise needed....

(4 Posts)
cleo404 Sat 08-Mar-14 19:56:01

Hi, I hope someone would be able to help me....

I'm with my company for nearly 3 years now on zero contract hours however for the past 2-2.5 years I was working there 5 days per week, 8h per day, each week.
All changed once I become pregnant (I'm 36 weeks now) My hours has been cut from 8h to 7.5, later to 6, 4 and now to 3.5h per day. I have to add that just my hours has been reduced , no other employee has been affected by this ....They employed a new girl as my replacement about 2 months ago and week by week I was given less and less hours in my department- office job .
Yesterday I have got my new rota for next week and they moved me to another department- to the restaurant. I spoken to my Manager and he said he doesn't need to give me any hours and my hours has been cut because they need to trained new girl for her to be able to do my job as I'm going in 2 weeks on maternity leave and there is no hours available for both of us.
I left his office crying and he went after me, shut the door ( I was on my own in the room) and he raised his voice saying to me why I left his office not even saying thank you ( ?!) , who do I think I'm, if he is talking to me I must look at him because he is my manager etc....I didn't say anything because I couldn't stop crying so he said he wants me to go home immediately.
I'm obviously still upset the way how he spoken to me and I'm worry this whole situation will affect my baby as I can't stop thinking about it etc...
I'm planning to write grievance letter to him and and also I would like to start my maternity leave from this Monday ( 2 weeks earlier than planned) however I'm not sure if this is possible? ( apparently I need to give my employer notice) if I can do this where should I go and who do I ask and do I need to give a reason to do so??
Thank you

Sars123 Sat 08-Mar-14 21:57:43

Hi, this is shocking behaviour on your employers part, if there is anyone above your manager I would contact them ASAP! And check your contract to see if they can move you around like this. Try not to stress to much but if you are worried go to your gp. They may even sign you off work for the remaining two weeks. At the same time if they have not got the hrs for you both then there should be no issue with you taking maternity early. When you speak to your manager get someone to go with you. Not only for emotional support (after all hormones can make you more easily upset. I was crying all the time) but also as a witness. Maybe your manager will be more reasonable with someone else there. I don't know about your company but in mine it is your right to have a witness if you wish.
I don't know what your plans are after your maternity leave with regards to returning to work but personally I would not return there. If they can not support you now I doubt they will then. Hope this helps. Good luck and congratulations

flowery Sun 09-Mar-14 08:38:02

Some points for your grievance:

As you had been working 40 hours a week continuously for 2-2.5 years (check exactly how long), those are now your established terms and conditions, and refusing to allow you to work your normal hours is breach of contract and an unlawful deduction from wages.

Cutting your hours because of your pregnancy is unlawful discrimination.

Had your hours been reduced by week 17 of your pregnancy? Your maternity pay is worked out on average earnings during weeks 17-25, so if they unlawfully cut your hours this will have affected your maternity pay.

In terms of changing your maternity leave start date, you are supposed to give 28 days notice but I would just notify them now and not mention the 28 days-worst that can happen is they say no.

I think speaking to ACAS might be a good idea.

Geoff0409 Mon 10-Mar-14 17:56:21

Not good for you and not good for your baby either. Disgusting behaviour. Has your boss been in his job long or had management training? Doesn't sound like it as he has no people skills at all. I would try and get out of there as soon as possible and definitely not return after your maternity leave. How on earth has your husband/partner reacted? God they must be furious! Get out of there as soon as you can.

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