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fixed term contract ending and SMP- am I entitled to any other payments?

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sleepingdragon Thu 06-Mar-14 23:30:44

I have been working for my company for just under 2 years via fixed term contracts that have been extended. A few weeks ago my boss offered me a further extension, I basically replied and said yes please, and I am pregnant. My boss came back a few days later and withdrew the offer of the extension, suggesting that it is because I am pregnant. My contract is now going to end in a few weeks, I will be entitled to SMP from my employer but not legally able to start maternity leave/pay until 2 weeks after I finish- although my boss has not realised this yet I think.

I kinda feel that it would be too hard/stressful to try to to prove discrimination in my contract not being renewed (as all the discussions were done verbally), but want to make sure I get anything else I am entitled to to help over the next few months.

I have read that continuity of service continues while you are on maternity leave, does this also apply for people whose fixed term contracts have ended, and with the 2 week break before my maternity pay starts? If this is the case my service would be continuing for longer than 2 years, so I would potentially be entitled to redundancy pay??

Also, does my employer need to continue to make contributions to my pension while i am receiving SMP from them?

thanks in advance, I found a few suggestions about the above on the internet, but no definitive answers.

Picturesinthefirelight Thu 06-Mar-14 23:33:29

I'd need to look up the specific details but if a fixed term contract is renewed/extended for x number of times then it is classed as permanent.

This sounds like blatant sex discrimination to me.

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